AMT is dedicated to providing the missing link within the 3D printing and additive manufacturing process chain, through the development and commercial delivery of digitally connected and automated processes post-build. AMT designs and manufactures dedicated and customized automated Industry 4.0 hardware solutions. The AMT technology portfolio is developed at the intersection of material science, chemistry, hardware engineering, robotics and machine learning.

Current off-the-shelf commercial hardware from AMT include the the PostPro3D, the PostPro3DColor and PostPro3DMini. These systems all incorporate BLAST — the world’s first fully automated and sustainable post-processing technology, capable of matching injection quality for polymer 3D printed parts.

AMT also works in partnership with clients to develop bespoke fully automated 3DP process chain solutions, incorporating unpacking, depowdering, smoothing, coloring, and inspection operations — a fully integrated Digital Manufacturing System.

  • The PostPro3D® technology is an automated turnkey solution which can be easily integrated into the digital workflow and eliminates the extensive and expensive manual post-processing steps required for many 3D printed parts. Using a series of pre-defined parameter sets and algorithms PostPro3D® achieves a surface finish on 3D printed parts that matches injection molding techniques in terms of quality and efficiency. The typical process time is 90-120 minutes with parts ready for end use application once removed from the machine without any additional process steps. Although AMT’s PostPro3D technology is differentiated through full automation, it still competes directly with other forms of post-processing technology for smoothing and coloring operations. However, for AMT, the PostPro3D is only the first step in the evolution of the Digital Manufacturing System (DMS).