From generative design to Ultrahigh speed SLA: ParaMatters to Nexa3D new paradigm


From generative design to Ultrahigh speed SLA: Paramatters to Nexa3D new paradigm

Brief description of Paramatters topology optimization software and Nexa3D Ultrafast SLA printer

Time: 20min (3x)

Presenter: Michele Marchesan

Bio: Michele Marchesan Chief Growth Officer . Michele is one of the most experienced sales and marketing executive within the additive manufacturing industry. He comes to Xponential Works after over a decade as 3D Systems CRO where he built 3D Systems global reseller channel and also stood up the company’s professional printers business unit generating hundreds of millions in annual revenues. More recently, Michele headed the global professional printing business for XYZ Printing, a wholly owned subsidiary of New Kinpo, the sixth largest CMS company globally.


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