Investing in High Efficiency Milling (HEM) for CNC Owners & Managers

High Efficiency Machining Overview

Time: 50min (1x)
Presenter: Shawn Spinneweber & Tom Kryger
Bio: Shawn Spinneweber – Training Manager
Tom Kryger – Senior Applications Engineer
Description: In the past decade significant advancements have been made in CNC toolpath strategies making some unbelievable claims. As a CNC shop owner, manager, programmer or purchasing agent for CNC manufacturing, understanding these claims and what is needed can be difficult to determine the investment. We will break down some of the claims and explain what you need to make HEM work for your machines, the benefits and what you should consider for the future. Last we will give you an overview of our HEM training that your programmers can implement immediately after taking the class.

What is HEM and can you achieve the claims you hear??
What is your goal; more profit or reducing cost?
What is needed?
What equipment / tooling do you invest in?
Example – tooling, machine time, operators
Intro the HEM class