How do I select the proper scanning technology for my requirements?

How do I select the proper scanning technology for my requirements? – Avoiding common pitfalls

How to ensure the scanner I select for my company will meet or exceed my scanning requirements? What is the role of a scanner’s accuracy, resolution and repeatability and what do the specs really mean? Which are critical specs for some disciplines and meaningless for others? Join us to better understand this exploding technology and let Cimquest help you dig your way through the hype and confusion to understand what you need to look for when choosing scanner candidates. This presentation focuses on scanning 101 and what to look for when exploring scanners.

Time: 20min (2x)
Presenter: Joel Pollet
Bio: Joel Pollet has been in the Manufacturing Engineering field for just under 40 years. Having started his career in Engineering at Grumman Aerospace and then as a Consultant for McDonnell Douglas Automation Company, he began working for smaller reseller companies once less expensive 386-based computing technology could support powerful CAD/CAM and CAE applications. Joel owned two very successful reseller companies and served as a consultant in the manufacturing engineering and medical scanning fields for several decades.
Prior to joining Cimquest in 2014, Joel spent six years as U.S. General Manager for a Canadian based Siemens Partner. Joel is delighted to be a part of the Cimquest team and has helped to spearhead Cimquest’s growth in the scanning, reverse engineering and metrology fields.

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