Product Customization Driving High Volume 3D Printing

Product Customization Driving High Volume 3D Printing –

 (Applications and Case Studies)                                 

The impact of mass customization enabled by additive manufacturing cannot be overstated. In medtech, the market for patient-specific products and implants has tremendous potential. This work presents a revolutionary automated post-processing technology that is  driving the customization trend and provides insights on the tools manufacturers need to take advantage of it. 

20min (3x)
Presenter: Luis Folger
Bio: Mr. Folgar’s professional experience is centered around materials, process engineering,business development and management in the AM industry. He is part of AMT’s executive team leading the company’s growth in the USA. Folgar was part of Nike’s elite manufacturing innovation team, where he helped develop advanced materials and supported critical AM business development projects. His professional experience also includes leadership roles at Paramount Industries, Inc., a 3D Systems company in the defense, aerospace, medical and consumer products industries. Folgar also has service the industry through the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG), starting as Vice Chair and becoming Chairman. He holds a range of patents in the areas of materials, design, manufacturing processes and advanced post-processing technologies for 3D printing. Prior to his exciting career in additive manufacturing, Folgar obtained a bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Virginia Tech and a MS in Integrated Science and Technology from James Madison University.

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