Where the rubber meets the road – DNC Communication and Data Collection?

Where the rubber meets the road – DNC Communication and Data Collection? 

Look at what’s happened to DNC in the past 25 years.

Distributed Numerical Control has come a very long way since its inception. Communicating with CNC equipment 25 years ago meant expensive, proprietary hubs on the shop floor, RS-232 cabling draped everywhere, shop-hardened PC’s, and very picky CNC controllers, some of which would refuse to accept a G-Code file, even if an extra <CR><LF> was below the M30.

Modern day DNC deploys multi-tasking communications throughout the shop.  RS-232 cabling is replaced with wireless communication boxes and, in some cases, Ethernet.   Instead of seeing proprietary Hubs strategically located throughout the shop, we now see Access Points to ensure a strong wireless signal.  CNC Controls are much friendlier, support open architecture and huge programs. Operators can send and receive programs without leaving their CNC.

Wrap a database around every G-Code file to associate external data to part programs and add machine tool monitoring to collect data from each CNC for reporting back to management or display in real-time on TV’s strategically placed on the shop floor…This is what modern day DNC is all about…21st century DNC!

 Come and learn why deploying DNC is easy, affordable and a must for shops of any size.

Time: 20min (3x)

Presenter: Stephen Biehl

Bio: Stephen Biel is a Sr. Application Engineer and has been with Cimquest Inc for 8 years.  He specializes in installing and technical support of CIMCO, a communication software for CNC machines.  Prior to working for Cimquest Inc, he was a former owner of Services Four Automation for 15 years. Steve has over 36 years of manufacturing experience. When Steve is not working, you will find him at Loudon Motor Speedway participating in the amateur lightweight racing series with his Suzuki SV650.

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